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#1093772 Jan 30, 2009 at 12:49 PM
1. What is your character's name, class, race and level?
Ronof, hunter, NE, 70

2. Link your armory.

3. Describe your talent spec and why this spec works best for you.
MM,i deal good amounts of damage and can keep burnin mobs down but also crowd control to a point and think this spec suites me best
4. How did you determine the optimal spec for your character?
I like to dps and help the group by burnin mobs up

5. What resources do you rely on in order to help with gear selection?
anything that has agility is normally fine with me

6. What WOTLK factions are you presently working on and why?

havnt gotten it because of my lack of guild, i quit for a while

7. What item currently attainable within the game outside of raids would
provide your character with the single biggest performance upgrade and what are you doing to attain it?
the badge cross bow on quel danas, im like 10 badges away from gettin it, 90 dps should only take me like 3 days to get and i will be pretty much well geared

8. Would you be able to respec if needed for raid purposes? What is your interest level / preparedness (gear / knowledge) to play other specs of your class?
wutever the raid needs im always down for, as long as its not wasted

9. Tell us about your raiding experience in WOTLK, BC and pre-BC WoW? Did you raid in any other MMO's?
ive raided everything up to Wotlk except BT and TK, i have no played any other mmos

10. Give us some idea of the performance (eg. DPS) your character is capable of. Support with WWS logs / screenshots is encouraged.
i have no screen shots but last i checked i was critting 3k and have a steady dps, hitting in the 2k's

11. What times does The Blacklist raid? Will you consistently make these raids? For what reasons would you ever miss a raid?
It doesnt matter to me, the only time i would miss is for class which i have at 2-5 m-t and 2-3 F other then that im open whenever

12. Explain why it is important for us to recruit only members which commit to consistently show up for every raid each week, barring reasons like those you explained above.
commited people get work done and can only progress and i would like to be one of those people

13. Please give a brief guild history of your character with a brief explanation why you and your former guilds parted ways. I was never apart of a guild really, never found one i could get to know, and have fun with

14. How do you deal with criticism?
i build on it and work with it

15. Do you have a high level of situational awareness? Describe what having a high level of situational awareness means to you in WoW.
yes, if something unexpected happens i make it work, if a priest shackles break ill be there with a ice trap :)

16. Do you have a computer and internet connection which do not suck? (FPS > 5, disconnect rate < once per night)
my connection is perfect

17. Are you able to use Ventrilo during raids? Do you have a working microphone?

yes and yes

18. What is your favorite television program? In this television program, who was your favorite character?

im a fan of house and think house's constant sarcasm and critisim is something more people need to be like, nothing needs to be sugar coated

19. What would be the best way for us to get in touch with you?
my aim or xfire : rollin4deshi

20. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

Im a funny guy and just like to have fun and get along with people

21. Is there anyone in this guild or in your former guilds who would give you a reference or vouce for you?
I never had a steady guild
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