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#1061967 Jan 18, 2009 at 11:11 AM
1. What is your character's name, class, race and level?
Edema, level 80 paladin, applying as per

2. Link your armory.

3. Describe your talent spec and why this spec works best for you.
Protection. Been playing Holy and Resto on my Druid for years, decided to try something different and I love it.

4. How did you determine the optimal spec for your character? helped a lot with my learning to tank.

5. What resources do you rely on in order to help with gear selection?

6. What WOTLK factions are you presently working on and why?
Ebon Hold is currently the only one (other than Vanguard) that I have left to level.

7. What item currently attainable within the game outside of raids would provide your character with the single biggest performance upgrade and what are you doing to attain it?
There really isn't too much outside of raids (badge gear count?) that I need. Kinda levelling an alt now until I find a guild willing to take me on.

8. Would you be able to respec if needed for raid purposes? What is your interest level / preparedness (gear / knowledge) to play other specs of your class?
I'd really prefer not to respec at this time. I've played holy and resto for years, I'm done with that for a while.

9. Tell us about your raiding experience in WOTLK, BC and pre-BC WoW? Did you raid in any other MMO's?
Pre-BC- Resto Druid through MC-AQ40 (Twin Emps), 2 wings of naxx cleared.
TBC- Kara-BT (hadn't downed illidan) Resto Druid/Afflic Warlock.
WOTLK- Some Naxx, Sartharion 10+25, Archavon 10+25 as MT and OT.

10. Give us some idea of the performance (eg. DPS) your character is capable of. Support with WWS logs / screenshots is encouraged.
My sustained DPS may be low, but I think thats due to me being a tank. ;)

11. What times does The Blacklist raid? Will you consistently make these raids? For what reasons would you ever miss a raid?
7pm PST on weeknights, which is perfect for me. The only times I'd miss raids would be due to exam week at school or due to girlfriend aggro. She comes before WoW every time without fail, as does school.

12. Explain why it is important for us to recruit only members which commit to consistently show up for every raid each week, barring reasons like those you explained above.
I believe consistency is good for any group, in my line of work thats a given, a partner that I've worked with before is a partner that I know and can anticipate their thoughts and next moves. However, I also think that real life is something that needs to come before a video game. If bettering myself at school or spending time with the girlfriend is too much time out from WoW, then I'd be applying to the wrong guild :p

13. Please give a brief guild history of your character with a brief explanation why you and your former guilds parted ways.
Played a healer throughout Vanilla WoW and TBC. With WotLK I decided to switch things up and dusted off the ol' Paladin. There was no room in the guild I was in at the time for another tank, even though I was the second level 80. Guild hopped around a bit trying to find a home that needed a tank with little luck. Eventually ended up in Old at Heart, which collapsed last week with the mass exodus of the raiding core. As I was away for the week, it came as a surprise to find the guild empty yesterday.

14. How do you deal with criticism?
Depends on whether or not it was deserved. I have a strong Type-A personality. If I screwed up, I'll be the first to admit it, if I'm getting ripped on for little to no reason, I'll let you know exactly what I feel about that.

15. Do you have a high level of situational awareness? Describe what having a high level of situational awareness means to you in WoW.
I think any tank needs to know whats going on around him/her at any given time. Probably more than any other class (yes, even healers). I think what makes me a good tank is the fact that I do my best to pay attention to loose mobs, stupid dps pulling aggro by attacking the wrong target, etc etc.

16. Do you have a computer and internet connection which do not suck? (FPS > 5, disconnect rate < once per night)

17. Are you able to use Ventrilo during raids? Do you have a working microphone?
Yes and yes.

18. What is your favorite television program? In this television program, who was your favorite character?
Oh goodness. Big fan of House, and of course House is my favorite. Also a fan of BSG with no favorite characters in that one.

19. What would be the best way for us to get in touch with you?
Email. (

20. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?
Full time student (hence the later raid time being perfect for me). I work as a paramedic also, so every once in a while i need to pick up a shift. Girlfriend and I are going on vacation in February for a week, not too much else to say.

21. Is there anyone in this guild or in your former guilds who would give you a reference or vouce for you?
I believe most people transferred off. I believe anyone in Ultio Mea Est or Old at Heart on the Muradin server who remember Edema would say positive things.
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#1074017 Jan 22, 2009 at 05:30 PM
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Thanks for applying. You seem mature and like you have it together :)

Officers are reviewing your application. In the meantime, please feel free to update this with any new info as it comes.
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#1078132 Jan 24, 2009 at 12:43 PM
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Thanks for putting the application in, really well done! If you have an oppurtunity to do an interview in the next day or so that would be excellent :)
"Mutated like lazer beem eyes, or eww weird third arm?"
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