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#1060097 Jan 17, 2009 at 06:58 AM

1. What is your character's name, class, race and level?
Coult, Mage, Human, Level 80

2. Link your armory.

3. Describe your talent spec and why this spec works best for you.
I've gone with the Frostfire spec for raiding, because its pretty apparent it shoots out the most DPS. Basically I specced into the requirements to make this work, notably Improved Scorch and Hot Streak. This spec puts most use to my critting. I don't merely do crit damage, I have a Pyro to throw with it on HS procs.

4. How did you determine the optimal spec for your character?
Reading up on theorycrafting, elitistjerks. I've looked at most Mage raiders, and almost all of them use Frostfire and have sustained DPS. I've also put in the Glyphs for Improved Scorch and Frostfire Bolt, and both have been beneficial to my raiding.

5. What resources do you rely on in order to help with gear selection?
Mostly knowledge of my class and what I need stats wise in order to be an effective Mage.

6. What WOTLK factions are you presently working on and why?
I am currently working on the questline for Sons of Hodir in order to obtain the shoulder enchant.

7. What item currently attainable within the game outside of raids would provide your character with the single biggest performance upgrade and what are you doing to attain it?
The shoulder enchant from Sons of Hodir, it is quite an upgrade from Scryers rep.

8. Would you be able to respec if needed for raid purposes? What is your interest level / preparedness (gear / knowledge) to play other specs of your class?
I would always be willing to respec to whatever the raid requires. I have experience in deep fire, frost, and even arcane when it used to be viable in raiding.

9. Tell us about your raiding experience in WOTLK, BC and pre-BC WoW? Did you raid in any other MMO's?
I've raided AQ40, Kz, Gruuls, ZA, SSC, TK, Hyjal, OS 10 & 25, VoA 10 & 25, Naxxramas 10 & 25man. (everything except for Saph and Kel'Thuzzad, although I do know the boss fights from researching and I have the full frost res gear). I have not raided in any other MMOs.

10. Give us some idea of the performance (eg. DPS) your character is capable of. Support with WWS logs / screenshots is encouraged.
While I don't have any WWs logs at the present time, I usually push around 2.4-2.5k DPS unless I am involved with decursing the raid extensively or other such matters, but I usually maintain a high DPS. I always flask and bring consumables. Shirking my DPS to save gold is not an option in raiding.

11. What times does The Blacklist raid? Will you consistently make these raids? For what reasons would you ever miss a raid?
Monday: 7PM – 10PM PST
Wednesday: 7PM – 10PM PST
Thursday: 7PM – 10PM PST
Sunday: 6PM – 10PM PST

I will always make these raid times, they fit my schedule perfectly. The only reason I wouldn't make this is if a hurricane slammed into my house, and even then I'd probably stay home and stick it out.

12. Explain why it is important for us to recruit only members which commit to consistently show up for every raid each week, barring reasons like those you explained above.
I know the frustration firsthand of raiders signing up, then not showing up, or showing up late. I've even had to deal with people leaving for 45minutes to eat dinner. This will never be the case with me. I arrive early and am always willing to raid late, and never miss a raid.

13. Please give a brief guild history of your character with a brief explanation why you and your former guilds parted ways.
I have been in my present guild, Three G's, since I was a level one. It has been the only guild I've ever been in, and I still love it. I started from rock bottom with no understanding of my class and I am now an Officer and Mage Lead within the guild, as well as Webmaster and frequent Raid Organizer. However, the guild has always had a lack of progression with serious raiding, something I am very interested in. I desire to be apart of a raiding guild, rather than a guild that sometimes raids.

14. How do you deal with criticism?
I have a thick skin, so I don't take anything personally. If someone is tossing criticism at me, it's for a good reason and I welcome it so that I may improve as a better player.

15. Do you have a high level of situational awareness? Describe what having a high level of situational awareness means to you in WoW.
Yes, I do. This is probably why I get so frustrated sometimes raiding with other guilds because of not having the utmost focus on what is going on. Situational awareness means knowing not only the boss strategies, but also the third party elements, which, if left unattended, can effectively wipe a raid unnecessarily. If there are mobs, gas clouds, or a big skull over your head, I find those very important situations to get under control before they become a problem.

16. Do you have a computer and internet connection which do not suck? (FPS > 5, disconnect rate < once per night)
I have a computer which only runs World of Warcraft and Ventrilo. No other unneeded programs are installed on it so that I can have optimal performance. I have 6GB of RAM with a 2.5GHz Intel Dual Core with GeForce 9800 graphics card. My internet connection is very stable and I have yet to DC from the realm unless the realm itself went down or Hurricane Ike ripped my roof off.

17. Are you able to use Ventrilo during raids? Do you have a working microphone?
Yes, I probably talk on Vent more than I do IRL. :) I have a working microphone with no feedback and you can hear me clearly.

18. What is your favorite television program? In this television program, who was your favorite character? A-Team and my favorite character is hands down Mr. T :)

19. What would be the best way for us to get in touch with you?
I'm on practically all the time on my character Coult or the druid I'm leveling (Tx). However, my email is and that goes directly to my phone so If I'm not on, I can be ASAP. :)

20. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?
I love to raid, it's what WoW is to me. I have both professions, Alchemy and Tailoring, maxed to 450 so I am always willing to craft anything the guild needs for raiding or other tasks. I like to make people laugh, and I don't cause drama. Any problems with me, I want to know so I can fix them. I have no parent aggro so you don't have to worry about me getting grounded or told to get off during a raid to eat dinner, my parents support me playing WoW so I'm very reliable.

21. Is there anyone in this guild or in your former guilds who would give you a reference or vouch for you? From my other guild: Heumbie, Watersinge. I don't know anyone really in Blacklist.
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#1061092 Jan 17, 2009 at 07:22 PM
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Thank you for the excellent application Coult. I am definitely interested in speaking with you about the possibility of joining us very soon. Our recruitment officer, Attrocity, is out for the evening but will be here tomorrow during and after our raid. Would you be able to meet us in our vent server tomorrow, Sunday January 17, at 10:00 PM server time?
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#1061104 Jan 17, 2009 at 07:29 PM
I certainly can, I'll be on tomorrow early and look foward to speaking further to you. Good luck in the raid. :)
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