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So, you'd like to join The Blacklist? Ok, but you've got some studying to do. First of all, read what is expected of members. Twice. Once you've gotten the jist of what we're looking for, head over to our Recruitment Thread and read the sticky. Twice. Then, and only then, should you post an application. Note that we're not always recruiting for all classes, but we do occasionally make exceptions for particularly strong applicants.

Here is a preview of what's in store for you after you make your post.


A guild’s success is inherently determined by its members. As a result, we are making every effort possible to achieve excellence in our roster in terms of class balance, mixture of personalities and level of dedication and focus. Our recruitment process and rules are laid out as follow.

  • We expect all applicants to follow our application process, to read all posted information about the guild and to diligently fill out our application.
  • Following a review of your application we may schedule an interview on Ventrilo should we experience a need for your particular class. During this interview we will examine both your fit as a person, your experience level and aim to answer any questions you may have about the guild.
  • As mentioned before, we aim to keep a small roster and as such recruit based primarily on class requirements and merit. We may decide to recruit an outstanding individual even if we do not experience a need for said player’s class, but we will never recruit mediocre individuals even if we have a burning need for that player’s class.
  • Following your recruitment to the guild you will be on a 3 week trial period during which your performance and attitude will be monitored by the officers. During this period we encourage you to maintain as close to perfect raid attendance as possible. Failure to make a significant number of raids may result in the extension of your trial period or removal from the guild.
  • All other rules applicable to members of apply in equal measure to applicants.
  • Should any issues arise during an applicant’s trial period we reserve the right to remove said applicant from the guild without prior notice.