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The following rules are intended to provide a general framework for the conduct of members within the guild as well as a structure to deal with the unpleasant things which happen every so often when individuals are granted near anonymity in a potentially high stress situation of raiding.

  1. As a member of you are expected to conduct yourself in a responsible manner both to members within the guild as well as to other members of the server community. We expect you to be able judge appropriately the right time for off color jokes.

  2. As a raiding member of you are expected to maintain at least a 70% attendance rate on a month-to-month basis. Failure to do so may result in our recruitment of another member and raid slotting preference being given to the member with a better attendance rate.

  3. As a member of we expect you to notify us should you be unable to play for an extended period of time.

  4. As a member of we expect you to know your class inside and out. Use of forums like or spreadsheet models to simulate character performance is highly encouraged.

  5. As a member of we expect you to be able to communicate. This includes but is not limited to making use of our forums and communicating (when appropriate) over Ventrilo. Good information flow is essential to our success.

  6. Should any issues arise between you and another member we encourage involving officers in order to come to an equitable solution. If issues arise between an officer and yourself we encourage you to counsel with the guild leader. If issues arise between the guild leader and you, bend over and grab your ankles…

  7. Failure to log on for and extended period of time (more than 2 weeks) without prior notice will result in a members demotion from member status to friend status. The members spot will then be recruited for. Should the member return to WoW after a given time the member may re-apply to member status with the guild.

Our raid schedule is:
  • Monday: 7PM – 10PM PST
  • Wednesday: 7PM – 10PM PST
  • Thursday: 7PM – 10PM PST
  • Sunday: 6PM – 10PM PST
  1. With that in mind, raids will start on time and you are expected to be at the designated zone at the designated time.

  2. In order to facilitate planning for future raids, you are expected to make use of the sign-up function of our website.

  3. If you signed up for a raid you are expected to show up for said raid. If you cannot show up for a particular raid you signed up for we expect that you make every reasonable effort to inform us thereof so we can accommodate our plans for raiding.

  4. We expect raiding members to come to raids with a PVE talent spec, proper consumables and a good understanding of the fights to be attempted that night and their role in them. Information about strategies is readily available on the Internet, on our forums and from fellow guild members. Thus, ignorance will not be tolerated.

  5. We expect you to pay attention. If we spend time to discuss a boss fight on Ventrilo and you are found to be afk, snoozing off or watching re-runs of the “A-Team” you may expect a swift removal from the raid and the guild upon repeat occurrence.

  6. We aim to make our raids fun. However, joking around on Ventrilo while the guild is in the process of learning new content is unacceptable.

  7. Our standby rules are as follows:

  • Should you for some reason not be slotted for a particular raid or arrive late after a raid has already started we nevertheless expect you to be available to join the raid at any given time unless a valid reason is given why you can play WoW but not raid.

  • At times it will be necessary for us to cycle players in and out of a raid in order to achieve a desirable class balance for particular fights. We expect our members to understand that these decisions are motivated by a desire to progress as a guild and not personal preferences.

  • While on standby members earn DKP equivalent to members in the raid.

In order to provide a level playing field for all members engaged in our raids we engage in frequent performance evaluations. Members found to perform below par on a consistent basis will be counseled in order to improve performance. Should said counseling prove unproductive we reserve the right to recruit for said members spot and to slot raids according to performance metrics.